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Dentition Troubles in Children


Dentition Troubles in Children


    When the baby's first set of teeth, called primary teeth break through the gums.
    Usually begins at the age of 6 months,but can start anytime between 3-12 months.
    Lower front teeth come up first followed by upper front teeth 1 to 2 months after.
    Is usually complete(set of 20 primary teeth) by third birthday.
A teething baby may:

  •     Put his hands and whatever he gets into his mouth.
  •     Tend to bite and chew
  •     Have dribbling of saliva
  •     Become cranky and crying
  •     Not sleep
  •     Refuse to eat or drink milk
  •     Have diarrhoea
  •     Have low fever due to gum inflammation.
  •     Strike head against a bed or wall
  •     Have rashes around the mouth


  •     Give baby something cold to suck or chew e.g. teether or a clean cloth dipped in water and kept in the freezer.
  •     Wipe your baby's face often with a soft cloth to clean the saliva to prevent rashes.


  •     Don't keep small objects within the reach of babies.
  •     Don't give unclean object to the baby.