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  • Diarrhoea is loose,watery, frequent stools.
  • It occur due to:
  • Infection-(viral, bacterial,parasitic infections such as worms)
  • Sensitivity to certain foods.
  • Reaction to certain medicines
  • If not managed properly,it may lead to 'Dehydration'. Dehydartion means your body doesn't have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions. Severe dehydration is a medical emergency and if not treated may cause permanent brain damage or death.

A dehydrated child:

  •     is irritable and restless.
  •     has dry, sunken eyes.
  •     is thirsty, drinks eagerly.
  •     if pinched, skin takes long time to go back.


  •     Wash hands with soap after passing stool.
  •     Drink safe clean water.
  •     Wash hands before eating.
  •     Wash fruits and vegetables.
  •     Keep foods covered.


  •     Rehydrate the child.
  •     Continue breast feeding.
  •     Give child ORS or home made sugar and salt solution frequently.
  •     Slowly start soft, light food like bananas, rice, boiled potatoes, toast, curd, soups, etc.


  •     Don't give child milk or milk products.
  •     Don't give drinks that have caffeine such as colas, coffee, etc.
  •     Don't give foods that are greasy (oily), high in fiber or are very sweet.