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Diarrhoea is loose,watery, frequent stools.
It occur due to:
  • Infection-(viral, bacterial,parasitic infections such as worms)
  • Sensitivity to certain foods.
  • Reaction to certain medicines
If not managed properly,it may lead to 'Dehydration'. Dehydartion means your body doesn't have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions. Severe dehydration is a medical emergency and if not treated may cause permanent brain damage or death.

         A dehydrated child:
  •  is irritable and restless.
  • has dry, sunken eyes.
  • is thirsty, drinks eagerly.
  • if pinched, skin takes long time to go back.
  • Wash hands with soap after passing stool.
  • Drink safe clean water.
  • Wash hands before eating.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep foods covered.
  • Rehydrate the child.
  • Continue breast feeding.
  • Give child ORS or home made sugar and salt solution frequently.
  • Slowly start soft, light food like bananas, rice, boiled potatoes, toast, curd, soups, etc.
  • Don't give child milk or milk products.
  • Don't give drinks that have caffeine such as colas, coffee, etc.
  • Don't give foods that are greasy (oily), high in fiber or are very sweet.
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