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It is one of the most common problems in women. It is a medical term that denotes a vaginal discharge. There can be many causes of leucorrhoea usual     one is oestrogen hormonal imbalance, it may also be due to vaginal infection.        It may appear or disappear from time to time due to hormonal changes.         There  are many other causes also, that should be treated. It is treatable with Homoeopathic remedies, so there is a hope for the hopeless patients suffering from it from years.
In this condition personal hygiene should be should be maintained, area should be washed with water and kept dry and tight clothing should be avoided.
Leucorrhoea can be acrid, bland , hot , more before menses, more on walking , during pregnancy, black, bland, urination before, blistering, bloody, nursing during, child bed in, child birth after , grey , green, gushing, itching, milky, offensive, ropy , stringy.
It is also found in young girls due to fright before menarche (starting of menses), at puberty or after, it is also due to anemia also. It occurs on sexual excitement and in some conditions after sex.
It is also common during menopause stage with hot flushes and in elderly females. I have mentioned some of the conditions in brief so that people living with such condition can get it treated, It is treatable.
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