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Hemicrania or Sick Headache

This is a common disorder with recurring intenseperiodic headache which often develops on waking in the 
morning and which , while often unilateral, may be bifrontal,occipital and general.Tey are often associated 
with nausea and vomiting  also with disturbance of vision and with giddiness.


Migrane may start in early childhood, but commonly apears around puberty. the immidiate cause  of the 
attack is a proxysmal variation in the calibre of the cranial blood vessels,eighther spasm or dilatation of 
the one followed by the other.
Precipitation factors are numerous and may be specific. On the psychological level, fatigue, anxiety and 
frustration play an important part. On physical side, over-exertion and fatigue, indiscretion or irregularities 
of food, exposure to excessive light or noise, prolonged eye strain cause the attack.
Women may have attacks during menstruation,but they remain free during pregnancy.

Dietary; Some authorities recommend restriction of animal fat and eggs, avoidance of physical 
over-exertion, fatigue and excessive worry during remission.

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