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        Nervous Dyspepsia is a type of digestive disorder, which is influenced by emotional factors, such as anger, frustration, guilt, or resentment and accompanied with neurosis, affected by anxiety and depression. This type of disorder depends upon the nature and psychological factors at work and persons mental and physical makeup.

Symptoms and Signs:

        1. Sometimes, the person is ill and sometimes comparatively better without obvious reasons. There is a vague abdominal discomfort, not amounting to pain, worse in the morning and better in evening.

        2. Fatigue, worry and excitement aggravate the symptoms.

        3. Nausea and vomiting may occur.

        4. Flatulence may be felt.

        5. Frequent noisy belching is common.

        6. Appetite is diminished.

        7. Constipation is generally present.

        8. The abdominal muscles may be tense or weak.

        9. Gastric symptoms are associated with nervous symptoms, such as headache and loss of sleep.

        10. Loss of appetite may lead to loss of weight and strength.

        11. here may be flushing of the face at the time of discomfort along with coldness of extremities.

        12. The person is depressed and pessimistic.

Treatment   consult me there are medicines of great help. Regular habits are also essential for cure.

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