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The irritable colon (Mucus membranous colitis)


The irritable colon (Mucus membranous colitis)

    The irritable colon
(mucus membranous colitis)

This is the disturbance of the colon function in the absence of organic   disease which consists of pain, disordered bowel habit and occasionally the passage of mucus rectally.
    1. Occasionally there is hypogastric griping pain. The pain is eased by bowel action or passing flatus.
    2. The pain is aggravated by food.
    3. The bowel habits are those of alternating constipation, during witch time pain is aggravated, to be relieved by an attack of diarrhoea, when an access of mucus is passed. (called mucus colitis).
    4. The stools are generally thin and like thin balls.
    5. Sometimes the bowels are emptied quickly and sometimes there is no feeling of movement of the bowels.
    6. Some people have painless diarrhoea.
         There are symptoms of anxiety.
    Treatment: Homeopathic treatment is of great help.