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Tonsils are two almond-shaped grandular organs situated one on each side of the fauces between front and the back pillears of the soft palate.Tonsillitis is an inflamatory infection of the lymphatic and is contagious, being usualy caused by streptococcus infection.It may be acute or chronic.
Symptoms: Acute tonsilitis:

    1. Sever soreness of the throat with difficlt swallowing revealsthe condition on examination.
    2. The temperature may rise to 103 F or more with headache,muscle and joint pain.
    3. Swallowing of  liquids and saliva causes acute discomfort.
    4. The voice becomes thick and breath foul. there is tender adenitis.
    5. Ear ache during the course of the disease due to the development of acute otitis media may be  a complication .
    6. The tonsils are swollen and inflamed often with pus.
    7. The tongue is coated: the fauces, soft palate and uvula are inflamed and may be covered with sticky mucus
Chronic tonsillitis:

    1. Young adults are the usual sufferers.Ther may be a history of frequent attacks of tonsillitis, often dating back to childhood  o.
    2. In others, there  are no severe acute aggravations, but a more or less discomfort and sorenes in the throat .
    3. Chronic tonsillitis  may be secondary to chronic sinusitis or dental sepsis.
This condition is treatable with homoeopathic remedies