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Asthmatic patients

What is Asthma? The medical definition of asthma is "Chronic inflamatory disease of the airways" It's simple but the condition itself is quite complex, it causes the symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightness of chest, coughing, wheezing etc. Asthma word is a greek word that means 'to breath hard'. As the respiratory system is the vital system for life, Each time heart pumps the blood it goes through the lungs,there it releases carbon dioxide and other waste gaseous,in exchange absorb oxygen, then that blood is circulated in the body,each cell gets its oxygen and in turn releases carbondioxide to blood and it carries it to lungs and this cycle is repeated every time we take breath in  and out,and it keep on going from our birth (first cry)  goes on all our life till we live. So you can see how important is each respiration to us, the air we breath in should be clean, loaded with oxygen and free from pollutants and poisonous gasses.

A sthma has not a set pattern, its symptoms can be

  •     Mild,
  •     Moderate,
  •     Severe,
  •     Can vary from person to person,
  •     Can flair up time to time
  •     Then not appear for large periods
  •     Can vary from one episode to next.

Its exact particular cause is not yet known, because it is triggered by many things indoor and outdoors.

Indoor  we can say dust mites, mold and pet damper

--Dust mites are microscopic organisms that can be a year round cause of allergies and asthma..They live in furniture,beddings and carpets, they cannot be eliminated by vaccuuming alone.Steam cleaning and dry cleaning can eliminate most dust mites as well as washing items like beddings in hot water can remove them.
--Mold is a multi-celled fungus just like mushrooms,it is capable of growing indoors and outdoors, it needs only a damp surface is often found in bathroom, kitchen and basement.
--Pet-danper, most pet allergies are caused by protien in the pet's skin, saliva and urine,these protiens can stick to cloths,carpet and walls. Pet allergens can be reduced in the home by regular cleaning and keep the away from bedroom.

Outdoor allergens are many ,as from vegetation e.g.

--Pollen is most common allergen outside; pollen is a tiny reproductive cell of plants. It can be of grass, trees, low growing weed, they produce small light pollens that are easily flown in air and taken to faraway places.When they come in contact with certain persons affects the mucus membrane and causes inflamation, because every plant has its own properties so effects differently.
-- Rag weed - Rag weed can produce billion grains of pollen per season and is able to travel hundreds of miles with wind. It  occurs late summer and early fall. The persons having allergy problems can avoid going vacation outside during this season better remain indoor.There is a saying 'Prevention is better than treatment' so it's good if we can prevent the problem,and if it comes then no choice we will have to go for treatment.
-- Chemical fumes. Different type of fumes while working in chemical industries,smoke from vehicles on the roadside.


-- Respiratory infections
-- From fish, eggs, milk, nuts etc.
-- Certain drug sensitivities. 
--Tabaco, weather changes, paints, detergents, dust and perfumes etc.
-- exercise, exertion.
-- Emotions.
-- Stress
-- Genetics

How to recognise  Asthma

-- People with asthma may seem anxious, restless and may cough with each breath as an attack comes.
-- Wheezing that initiates as a slight wistling sound and progresses to an evidently shrill noise with each laboured breath.
-- Coughing that gets worse over minutes to hours.
-- Breathing gets faster as the person fights to get enough oxygen (shortness of breath / air hunger).
-- Finger,nails and lips may turn blue in children (cyanosis).
  more oever mordern living is also responsible for this respiratory problem, children playing on computer for long hours not going outside for phsical exercise and socialisation. Doing physical exercise  and taking proper deep breaths holding it and releasing sucsessively, improves quality of respiration,expanding chest gives more space for lungs to exchange gasses. Yoga exercise e.g. om-blom.(breathing in with one nostril ,holding and breathing out from other nostril) is best.

Treating this condition  Homoeopathically by administering proven remedies that have very good response.As you know every person has a different triggering cause so considering all the symptoms of the patient  studing it minutely then slect a most similimum remedy  and administering it surely benifits the patient.

 My pray to God is to bless me  treat the sick and restore health.
                                                                                           I treats He cures.